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Getting started with Axiamatic app on Microsoft Teams
Getting started with Axiamatic app on Microsoft Teams
Written by Wendy Lee
Updated over a week ago

Welcome to Axiamatic, your go-to solution for seamless engagement tracking and communication within your Microsoft Teams environment. Follow these simple steps to get started with the Axiamatic app:

Connect Axiamatic with Microsoft Teams

  • An Engagement Owner within your organization, responsible for driving engagements and tracking them on Axiamatic, should initiate the connection.

  • Navigate to ‘Integrations’ on the 'Settings' page in Axiamatic.

  • Locate the Microsoft Teams card under Communication Platforms and hit ‘Connect’.

  • Grant the necessary permissions as prompted to enable Axiamatic to communicate with your organization’s Microsoft Teams. This is a one-time step.

Adding stakeholders

  • Once the connection is set up, other users in your organization can start using the Axiamatic app as stakeholders.

  • Stakeholders do not need an Axiamatic account to use the app on Microsoft Teams.

  • However, they must be added as a Stakeholder to at least one Engagement on Axiamatic to utilize the app and start receiving notifications.

Adding the Axiamatic app

  • Stakeholders should click on the '+Apps' icon on the left menu in their Microsoft Teams client.

  • Search for "Axiamatic" on AppSource.

  • Click 'add' or the dropdown next to 'add'.

  • From the dropdown, choose either 'Add for me' or 'Add to a team'.

    • As a Stakeholder: Select 'Add to me' for personalized notifications.

    • As an Engagement Owner: Choose 'Add to a Team' and select the Team created for the Engagement.


  • Notification for new Pulses:
    Get notified when a new pulse is assigned to you.

  • Submit Pulse responses:
    Submit your responses to assigned pulses directly from Microsoft Teams.

  • Set Pulse reminders:
    Set reminders for your assigned pulses.

  • Edit Pulse responses:
    Edit your pulse responses conveniently.

  • Pulse retro notifications:
    Receive notifications about pulse retrospectives.

  • View Pulse retrospectives:
    Access and view pulse retrospectives directly within Microsoft Teams.

  • Capture sentiments and topics:
    Sentiments and topics are captured from posts shared on the engagement’s Team.

With Axiamatic, empower your team to share valuable thoughts and insights effortlessly, all within the familiar Microsoft Teams environment. Streamline your engagement tracking process and enhance collaboration like never before!

For further assistance, feel free to write to us [email protected]

Note: Ensure that as an Engagement Owner, you add the bot to your Team to capture stakeholder sentiments and topics effectively.

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