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Welcome to Axiamatic for Webex by Cisco help guide
Welcome to Axiamatic for Webex by Cisco help guide
Written by Wendy Lee
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Axiamatic for Webex by Cisco is a powerful integration that allows seamless communication and collaboration between Axiamatic and Webex, enabling engagement owners and stakeholders to streamline their feedback and communication processes. Below, you'll find a comprehensive guide to help you navigate and maximize the features of Axiamatic for Webex.

Pre-requisite: For embedded app to work the Axiamatic Integrations App should be setup. This is a one-time step. Please go to Engagement owner guide to get instructions on setting up the integrations app

Getting started:

  • Ensure that you have an Axiamatic account and a Webex account.

  • Connect your Webex account to your engagement on Axiamatic to enable notifications and seamless integration.

Axiamatic bot notifications:

  • When an engagement owner launches a pulse, stakeholders assigned as the target audience will receive a notification on their Webex from the Axiamatic bot.

  • Click on the notification to view the pulse details and start responding to the pulse.

Responding to Pulses:

  • Stakeholders can respond to pulses directly from their Webex space by clicking the 'Start Pulse' button in the notification.

  • This opens the pulse in a new browser window, allowing stakeholders to answer all questions and submit their responses effortlessly.

Embedded app:

  • Access the Axiamatic tab in your Webex space by clicking on 'My Space' and adding Axiamatic as a Tab from the app listings.

  • In the Axiamatic tab, stakeholders can view a list of all assigned pulses, including closed Pulses.

  • Click on the 'Submit' action for any pulse listed to respond to the pulse directly within Webex, without the need to leave the platform.

Integration app:

  • Connect the integration app to any Axiamatic engagement to capture feedback, suggestions, and thoughts shared in your Webex space.

  • Automatically capture posts from stakeholders in the Webex space to gather sentiment analysis, extract topics, and gain valuable insights.

Additional resources

For further assistance or troubleshooting, please refer to the other articles in our section or reach out to our support team on [email protected] for personalized assistance.

With Axiamatic for Webex by Cisco, you can enhance collaboration, streamline feedback processes, and make informed decisions seamlessly within your Webex environment. Thank you for choosing Axiamatic for Webex by Cisco.

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